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AC Crane Controls

Reduce downtime, increase your crane’s lifespan, and lower your maintenance costs! Switching to AC motors saves time, money, and effort. Our AC crane controls offer improved crane functionality with the same expertise, service, and quality you’ve trusted for years.

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Advantages of AC Crane Controls

Maximize your crane control system—make the switch to Hubbell Industrial Controls today! Our AC control solutions are engineered to keep your cranes in action. Enjoy enhanced control and safety, lower maintenance costs, and improved lifespan.


Lower Maintenance Costs


Longer Lifespan and Regenerative Energy


Increased Safety Through Fault Detection Systems


Improved Motion with Direct Torque Control

Your Crane Controls Experts

ICD is your dedicated crane control partner for all types of applications. Our high-quality AC crane products reduce maintenance costs and downtime, so you can get the most out of your crane whenever and wherever you need it. Enjoy the efficiency and reliability of crane products that have been trusted by customers for over 100 years.


Reliable Source

Build and repair your cranes quickly with expedited shipping of key system components from your preferred distributor. We also have a dedicated customer service group to ensure you receive parts on time.


Crane Management & Diagnostics

Experience the benefit of easy-to-use crane management software and diagnostic tools. Our crane solutions include Launch Wizard tools and Bluetooth capabilities so you can assess and handle challenges when they arise.


Training & Support

Browse our diverse selection of technical training, literature, and support resources designed to assist crane operators and engineers in maximizing the value of their equipment.

Crane Control Products

Choose from a wide variety of crane parts and products that enable safe, efficient lifting of heavy loads for both AC and DC crane systems.

Crane Controls For Multiple Applications

Our crane solutions decrease down time and expedite processes across multiple industries and applications.

Application Manufacturing

Manufacturing & Warehousing

Our AC-powered cranes enable indoor factories and manufacturing facilities to more efficiently handle materials and expedite manufacturing and shipment.

Shipping and Receiving

Shipping & Receiving

Shipyards and ports rely on AC-powered cranes to efficiently unload, move, and assemble materials and shipments.

Steel & Metal Fabrication

Steel & Metal Fabrication

Steel mills and fabrication shops employ ac-powered solutions to handle and process various products such as heavy sheet metal, coils, and fabricated metals.

Waste Management

Waste Management

Waste management and recycling facilities use AC-powered cranes for handing, sorting, and disposing of various waste materials.

Ship Building

Ship Building

AC crane controls enable shipyards to construct and assemble large vessels and ships with improved efficiency.

Ready to Make the Switch?

Are you ready to experience improved function, longevity, and safety of your crane products and solutions? Request a quote to make the switch to Hubbell Industrial Controls today.

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