About Us 

Founded in 1916 as the Euclid Electric Company, HUBBELL INDUSTRIAL CONTROLS is a worldwide leader in DC contactor technology and products for use in the control of overhead cranes, locomotives, transit vehicles, oil and gas drilling rigs, mining vehicles, and alternative energy conversion systems.

HUBBELL INDUSTRIAL CONTROLS is a member of the Hubbell Industrial Products Group, along with such other well known Hubbell brands as GLEASON REEL, EC&M, CABLEFORM, POWEROHM, METRON and METRON ELEDYNE. HUBBELL INDSUTRIAL CONTROLS products are manufactured and assembled in our state-of-the-art Archdale, North Carolina; Mayville, Wisconsin; and Katy, Texas facilities.

HUBBELL INDUSTRIAL CONTROLS offers a full range of overhead crane control products including:

  • DC or AC contactor travel/hoist controllers
  • DC solid state travel/hoist controllers
  • AC VFD travel/hoist controllers
  • DC contactor magnet controllers
  • Solid state magnet controllers
  • AC input solid state magnet controllers
  • AC or DC radio remote control systems
  • Power resistors
  • Power limit switches
  • Master switches
  • Disconnect switches
  • Speed switches
  • Pushbutton pendant stations
  • AC or DC industrial brakes