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Copper Wiring Solutions for Cat 6 Cable

Hubbell Premise Wiring offers high-quality copper cables in coaxial and usb packages with enhanced computer cable management. Ethernet data rates are escalating all the time, but Hubbell Premise Wiring’s copper cabling infrastructure solutions are designed to transmit increasing volumes of data as IoT, cloud computing, and streaming high-resolution content become the norm.


Ascent 10GbE Cable

NEXTSPEED® Ascent 10GbE cable features innovative ANEXT reduction techniques in internal jacket construction and individual pair separation. Sweep testing from 1 to 750MHz ensures the highest performance guarantee.

HXJ Xcelerator Jack Termination

Learn how to quickly and reliably terminate Hubbell Premise Wiring’s HXJ series jack. Hubbell’s unique QuickLace termination tower arrangement reduces bending of wires and provides ample space for lacing wires. QuickLace is not just fast it also helps maintain cable integrity, making sure system performance remains at a high level.

Shielded Category 6 Jack

The NEXTSPEED SJ6 jack’s unique tool-less termination body allows the cable to be laced in without disruption of the pairs, maintaining the twist integrity of the cable.

NEXTSPEED® Low Diameter Patch Cords

HCL series low diameter patch cords from Hubbell reduce cable congestion associated with high density installation in data centers, wall mount enclosures, and Category 6A panels.