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The UMAC Brand has served the natural gas industry
since 1970.


Improve environmental impact by reducing amount of methane escaping into the atmosphere.


Excess Flow valves are installed underground where the gas service line joins the main.



The GasBreaker Brand has served the natural gas industry since 1970. In 1974, GasBreaker EFVs became the premier Excess Flow Valves used on gas service lines to protect homes and businesses. Since their introduction millions of GasBreaker EFVs have been sold (More than 5 times as many valves as all US competitors combined) and installed worldwide, providing tens of billions of field service hours. Today the GasBreaker Excess Flow Valve is known as “The EFV of Choice.”

EFVs are similar to electrical circuit breakers that trip when electrical current exceeds design limits. They automatically trip when gas flow to a private residence or commercial facility exceeds design limits. This would be the case if a gas service line were to rupture because of ground movement, natural disasters or third party damage.

The GasBreaker EFV is manufactured in a wide variety of models that can accommodate service line capacities for both residential and commercial applications. The company’s highly trained technical and production staff is experienced in all areas of EFV research, development, engineering and quality control.