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RED ALERT ® Tower - Model 234

By GAI-Tronics  
Catalog ID: 234
RED ALERT® Tower Assembly, Architectural Bronze (GAI-TRONICS' Telephones and Strobes are sold separately)

RED ALERT® Compact Tower (Model 234FS Series)

By GAI-Tronics  
Catalog ID: 234FS-ER
RED ALERT® Compact Tower, Model 234FS-ER, consists of Body No. 84506-031, Safety Red, EMERGENCY Graphics (White); includes Model 540-001 Blue LED Strobe. Telephones are sold separately.

RED ALERT® Pedestal (Model 234FSP Series)

By GAI-Tronics  
Catalog ID: 234FSP-AB
RED ALERT® Pedestal, Model 234FSP-AB, consists of Body No. 84506-522, Safety Safety Blue, ASSISTANCE Graphics (white). Telephones are sold separately.
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