Telephone Management Application (TMA)
Software Download


TMA Versions older than 7.3.0 must be unistalled prior to downloading a new TMA copy. TMA Versions 7.3.0 or newer can commence the download without unistalling the current copy.

Note: VoIP Telephones to be monitored with this version of TMA must be operating with a firmware version of 3.0.8 or higher. The firmware version currently installed in a telephone can be found on the opening screen when programming the unit. Proceed with the download per the following instructions:


  • Using the TMA computer, click the "Software Upgrade" button above to download the "" file. Upon completion of the download, right-click the "" file and select "Extract All" from the menu to unpack the file. Store the "TMA_Setup_xxx.exe" file in a convenient location on the C:drive of the TMA computer.
  • Prior to uninstalling TMA (if older than version 7.3.0), or prior to running the "TMA_Setup_xxx" installer, perform the following steps.
     1 . Close the Telephone Management Application, if currently running.
     2 . Terminate any running SPI applications by right-clicking on each SPI Telephone Icon in the Taskbar Notification Area and selecting "Terminate SPI".
     3 . Remove the USB Security Key from the computer’s USB port.
  • Follow the instructions located in the TMA Installation Bulletin (follow link below), starting with the installing "TMA" section. In Step 1, double-click the previously extracted "TMA_Setup_xxx.exe" file to start the installation.