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Access Panels

Desktop Access Panel (Model 12576-502)

By GAI-Tronics  
Catalog ID: 12576-502
ADVANCE Desktop Access Panel with 28-button keypad

Desktop Access Panel with LCD (Model 12576-503)

By GAI-Tronics  
Catalog ID: 12756-503
The Model 12576-503 and 12576-50315 (15-foot cord) Desktop Access Panels with LCD Display are components of GAI-TRONICS’ ADVANCE system.

Rackmount Access Panel with LCD (Model 12576-501)

By GAI-Tronics  
Catalog ID: 12576-501
A component of GAI-TRONICS' ADVANCE System, the rackmount access panel (with LCD) provides an operator interface for alarm control, speech communications and system status monitoring. The operation of each access panel is programmed at the ADVANCE System Control Cabinet.
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