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Behavioral Health Telephones Released

The Healthcare industry has a number of different vertical markets associated with it, one of which is the Behavioral Health market. Behavioral Health facilities include drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, mental health institutions, and other facilities that cater to the physical and mental well being of individuals. A very large concern within these facilities is the safety of their patients and visitors. To comply with this concern, GAI-Tronics is now offering a series of analog and VoIP handset telephones equipped with a handset cord shortened to 12 inches. This prevents the handset from being used as a weapon and is not long enough to pose a strangulation threat. The 12-inch length complies with the Veterans Administration behavioral health requirements. Since not all locations are governed by the VA, we also offer a 15-inch cord option on all models. Both wall-mount and flush-mount models are available.

In cases where any handset is considered a safety threat, we offer our compact FS series RED ALERT® telephones. Hands-free may be necessary when privacy compromises safety.

bhPhones Behavioral Health Telephones Brochure