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SB/474 | Punch tool version | Pre September 2022 design

By Hawke 
By Hawke
SB/474 | Punch tool version | Pre September 2022 design has been re-designed, please click: SB474 | Ex d & Ex e | Cable Gland for information on the current design. The SB474 dual certified Exe/Exd gland offers an instant barrier solution where individual holes are punched through a silicone seal. You then pass through your individual insulated cores and compress to meet all of the requirement of a traditional barrier gland solution. This results in unparalleled speed of installation, inspection and flexibility, with no need for compounds or resin to achieve the Exd barrier seal, no curing time and instant gland completion.The Hawke CSB 656N is a Group II certified instant barrier conduit stopper box, with a female running coupler, suitable for installation in Zone 1/21 and Zone 2/22 hazardous areas. Dual Certified ATEX/IECEx (along with many more) for use in Increased Safety (Exe), Flameproof (Exd), Restricted Breathing (ExnR) and Dust (Ext) protection concepts. The gland provides an instant compression barrier around cable conductors (no waiting for compound to cure!). For use with conductors, non-armoured elastomer and plastic insulated cables installed in conduit.
  • Metallic body construction
  • Elastomeric Exd flameproof compression seal around cable conductors - No waiting for compound to cure!
  • Female threaded running coupler for cable gland or conduit entry
  • Available with metric or NPT entry and female threadforms
  • Punch tool also supplied by Hawke International - Request if required

Download the Hawke Technical Guide for more information on installation rules and regulations.Visit www.universalreloaded.com to download a full version of the catalogue.
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Application Hazardous Areas Zone 1, Zone 21, Zone 2, Zone 22
Ingress Protection
  • IP66, IP67 and IP68 (30 metres for 7 days, special instructions apply) to IEC/EN 60529
  • NEMA 4X
  • Deluge Protection to DTS01
Material Manufactured in Brass, Nickel Plated Brass or 316L Stainless Steel
Operating Temperature -60°C to +80 °C
Series Cable Glands for Group II Hazardous Areas

Certifications and Compliance

ATEX File Number CML19ATEX1167X and IECEx BAS 19.0045X
  • ATEX: CML 19ATEX1167X / CML 19ATEX4507X (Ex nR)
  • EAC: No EA3C RU C-GB.HA91.B.00264/21
  • IECEx: CML 19.0045X
  • CML 21.0012X (Ex nR)
  • EQM: 20-11-27224/Q20-11-000979/NB0007
  • Inmetro: IEx 14.0272X
  • PESO: P450038
  • UKEx: CML 21UKEX1161X / CML 21UKEX4133X (Ex nR)
Hazardous Rating(s)
  • Ex II 2GD Ex db IIC Gb
  • Ex eb IIC Gb
  • Ex nR IIC Gc
  • Ex tb IIIC Db
Industry Standard(s) IEC/EN 60079-0, 1, 7, 15, 31
Ratings IK10 to IEC 62262