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More Than A Cable Gland

The 501/RCG Cable Gland combines the features of our marketing leading Cable Gland range with the Plug and Play benefits of a connector. The RCG Coupler allows an installer to extend an existing piece of cable without the need to use a junction box.

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RCG Features & Benefits


The 501/RCG Range is the ultimate hybrid of cable gland and connector

The range offers rapid termination and disconnection in a cost-effective package, which
can reduce ownership expenses by decreasing the time it takes to carry out essential
inspection, maintenance, repair and overhaul.
  • Reduced Downtime

    Plug and play products allow for much faster connection and disconnect than hard wiring.
  • Reduced Operating Expenses

    Quicker installation, reduced downtime, minimized efforts and lower man hours required mean
    huge cost benefits.
  • Easily Swap Out Equipment

    Easier to pre-plan installation deployments with more precise hook-up time predictions.
  • Opportunity For Sealed For Life Fittings

    The RCG provides the opportunity to make equipment such as lighting sealed for life.