Introducing our NEC®
Compliant Cable Gland range.
The Difference is Clear


In a WORLD FIRST, Hawke International proudly introduce a ground-breaking new range of Cable Glands, our NEC® Series Cable Gland range is the ONLY gland range to feature a NEC® Compliant, flameproof, non-metallic clear compound pot.
For the first time ever, the full transparency allows full inspection of all pots without the need for any to be destroyed. The new range also features a unique, inbuilt tightening guide and holds the highest Ingress Protection rating available.

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Nec Catalogue Cover

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The First Globally Certified,
Fully Inspectable, Elastomeric Compound Pot



The NEC® Compliant series has been designed for use in North America and is certified globally. Boasting many unique features designed to provide unparalleled safety and ease of use across the range.

  • Fully inspectable, clear elastomeric compound chamber for easy installation, inspection and maintenance.
  • Integrated tightening guide.
  • Sealing options: 2 part QSP or ExPress liquid injectable resins.
  • Globally ATEX, IECEx and NEC® Compliant.
  • Ingress Protection IP66/IP67/IP68/IP69.



Individual Cable Glands in the range



General Purpose
Use with continuous corrugated Aluminum Metal Clad (MCHL) cable.
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Explosion Proof/ IECEx/ATEX
Use with cable types: TC-ER-HL, TC-ER, PLTC, PLTC-ER, ITC, ITC-HL & ITC-ER
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Explosion Proof/ IECEx/ATEX
Use with continuous corrugated Aluminum Metal Clat (MCHL) cable.
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Explosion Proof/IECEx/ ATEX
Use with single wire armour ‘W’, wire braid ‘X’ and steel tape armour ‘Z’
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General Purpose
Use with wire braid “X” elastomer and plastic insulated cables.
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The Difference is Clear

Find out from Cable Gland Expert Andrew Reid exactly how Hawke International have created a world first innovation in cable gland technology. Our NEC® compliant, non-metallic, elastomeric clear compound pot, as featured in our American Series Cable Gland, is truly a world first. Read Andrew’s blog and see the difference for yourself!


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