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All our hazardous area glands are built to comply with global safety standards, and our glands dedicated for the mining industry are no exception. The range is built to resist even tougher operating conditions than equipment used in surface applications. The mining industry is widely considered the starting point for much of today’s hazardous area certifications and in these extreme conditions multiple explosion and fireproof products were born. Higher resistance to impacts and higher cable pull out test requirements must be fulfilled in order to ensure that the glands will provide safe cable retention, impact resistance, and a reliable earth connection when used in mining environments.


By Hawke  
Flameproof, Increased Safety, Dust Protection. Certified ATEX/IECEx


By Hawke  
Mining. Flameproof, Increased Safety. Certified ATEX / IECEx


By Hawke  
Mining, Flameproof, Increased Safety, Certified ATEX / IECEx
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