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The ControlEx connector range is our most versatile option, suitable for control and low/medium power applications. With a wide range of insert configurations, this connector allows Hawke to tailor a connector solution to the customer’s needs. The robust stainless steel body can hold up to 60 contacts and will accept conductor sizes ranging between 0.5mm² and 35mm², operating up to 125A and 750V dependent on contact arrangement and certification approvals.

  • Easily Fieldwireable - Pin and socket inserts are front and back to assist wiring and avoid termination errors
  • Internal Keyway Spacer - Eases accessibility for termination
  • Locking Pin - Optional locking pin provides the facility for mated connectors to be permanently locked
  • Keying Position - Eliminates the possibility of misconnection of adjacent circuits
  • Running Coupler - Allows the connector to be installed onto a pre-assembled cable gland
  • ACME Thread at Mating Interface - Unique ACME thread offers a smooth and quick fully mating action
  • Fully Inspectable Flameproof Barrier - Provides direct inspection of the flameproof seal
  • Anti-Rotation Device - helps to eliminate the possibility of the gland loosening

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Product details



Hazardous Areas Zone 1, Zone 21, Zone 2, Zone 22

EU RoHS Indicator

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Ingress Protection

  • IP66, IP67 to IEC/EN 60529
  • Deluge Protection to DTS01


316L Stainless Steel

Operating Temperature

-40°C to +60°C (May be limited by T Rating)


Connectors for Group II Hazardous Areas


  • Exdb
  • Extb

Electrical Ratings

Voltage Rating

up to 750 V

Certifications And Compliance

ATEX File Number



  • ABS: 17-LD1653736-PDA
  • ATEX: Baseefa12ATEX0014X
  • BV: 43523/A1
  • cCSAus: 2633583
  • DNV: TAE0000BS
  • EAC: No EA3C RU C-GB.HA91.B.00261/21
  • EQM: 20-11-27224/Q20-11-000979/NB0007
  • IECEx: BAS 08.0063X
  • Inmetro: IEx 14.0216X
  • PESO: P411510
  • SONCAP: LCOGB049552-0500
  • UKEx: BAS21UKEX0067X

Hazardous Rating(s)

  • Ex II 2GD Ex db IIC Gb T5/T6
  • Ex tb IIIC Db T95/T80
  • Class I, Zone I, AEx d IIC Gb T5/T6
  • AEx tb IIIC Db T95/T80

IECEx File Number

IECEx BAS 12.0006X

Industry Standard(s)

IEC/EN 60079-0, 1, 31CSA/UL 60079-0, 1, 31UL1977