A Cable Gland is, in simple terms, a device designed to attach and secure a
cable to a piece of equipment or enclosure.


A Cable Gland provides strain relief and can include a provision for making a connection to the armour, braid, lead or aluminum sheath of the cable.
For unarmoured and braided cables, this strain relief is provided by the seal only. For armoured cables the armour and clamp can also provide pull out resistance. In hazardous areas, cable glands are also used to maintain the protection concept of the equipment or enclosure into which they are being terminated – in most instances Exe or Exd.




A poorly installed cable gland, or the incorrect gland chosen for a specific cable/application can become the weak link in the chain, whereas it should preserve the integrity of the overall installation. Whilst the cost of the cable glands is insignificant compared to that of other hazardous area equipment, the cost of failure can be catastrophic

Failure can take many forms...


Water or dust ingress into the equipment

Cable properties compromised

Damage to the cable which can lead to explosion risk

Cables becoming loose from equipment

Electric shock risk

Equipment failure

Failure to meet essential HSE requirements


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