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AC Control Panels

Maximize your crane control system with VariMax™ AC controls. The VariMax system offers improved mobility, and minimal power consumption while hoisting large loads. With seamless setup and hassle-free upkeep, VariMax AC controls ensure efficient crane movement.

VariMax Multi-Motion AC Control Panel

By Hubbell Industrial Controls  
The VariMax™ multi-motion AC control systems enable improved crane control and motion for 2, 3, and 4 motion cranes in a single unit. These motor control systems can be configured to control multiple motions on overhead cranes, including hoists, bridges, trolleys, and grab and rotate. The systems' singular enclosure contains three separate bays with fuses, as well as a fourth bay for accessories.

VariMax Single Motion AC Control Panel

By Hubbell Industrial Controls  
The VariMax™ single motion AC control systems offer improved movement and torque control for single-motion cranes. The VariMax™ systems' speed, power, and energy efficiency enable it to easily handle all loads through single-motion controls. A cost-effective lifting solution for a variety of applications, the single-motion controls saves energy and power consumption for single-motion cranes.
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