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Load Bank

By Powerohm 
By Powerohm
Powerohm Resistors is the world leading manufacturer of power resistor products including portable and freestanding (permanently mounted) load banks. We offer a standard series of freestanding load banks, complete with user-friendly controls and many improvements over load banks typically found in the industry today.Each Powerohm load bank is constructed of heavy gauge galvanized steel with polyester powder coat paint to achieve a durable, long-lasting finish. Fork-lift channels are provided in the base for easy installation and lifting. The load bank cold-air intake and hot-air exhaust are screened and louvered for superior all-weather protection. All exterior fasteners are stainless steel for long life. Each load bank features a high performance blower system with a cast aluminum impeller, which offers superior cooling and lower noise than traditional stamped-steel fan blades. The resistive load sections feature Powerohm PowerDyne™ wound load elements, fully supported across their entire length within the air stream on stainless steel support rods with high- temperature ceramic insulators. Load stability is optimized by maintaining conservative resistor designs.All units include the necessary operator control panel for ON/OFF application of the various load sections. The control panel is mounted in a NEMA-12 control enclosure which is suitable for remote mounting and comes standard with each load bank assembly. Each load bank also includes many important safety features such as fused load steps, blower air-fail switch, exhaust over-temperature switch, blower motor overload protection and appropriate warning and caution signage located on the load bank access panels.These load banks are typically used for high power load testing of emergency power systems including generators, uninterruptible power supplies, turbines, battery systems and regenerative power absorption of large motors and other load applications. Our standard freestanding load banks include power capacities ranging from 200 kilowatts to 3000 kilowatts with standard resolution of 25 kW. Optional 5 kW resolution is available for applications requiring ultra-precision load adjustment. These load banks are suitable for use on all common 50 and 60 hertz power systems up to 600 volts. Custom ratings or medium-voltage designs are also available.
  • Nominal Voltage Ratings of 240/480 VAC, 480 VAC and 600 VAC
  • Power Ratings Ranging from 200 kilowatts to 2500 kilowatts
  • Heavy duty enclosures with galvanized and powder coated finish
  • PowerDyne™ load elements with stainless steel rod supports
  • Remote control panel with standard NEMA-12 control enclosure
  • Outdoor NEMA-3R enclosure designs
  • Multi-compartment enclosure isolates controls and power connections from load elements and blower compartment
  • Thermostatically controlled strip heater within the load bank relay compartment
  • Built-in forklift channels for easy installation and lifting
  • Multiple cable entry points with aluminum gland plates included
  • Fused circuit protection for all control and power circuits
  • Industry leading safety features, conservative designs, long life, and value

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