About Us

About Powerohm

Powerohm is a world-class, customer-driven manufacturer of power resistor products. The Powerohm team is committed to providing the highest value, highest quality product at attractive prices.

Started in Houston, Texas in 1996, Powerohm has made a rapid impact on the way people think about power resistor products. Our customer base now boasts many of the top industrial manufacturing firms.

Certified ISO 9001

The Principles of Powerohm

We contribute our success to the following principles. The Principles of Powerohm result from our fundamental belief that a business that exists in an environment of excellence brings their customers and shareholders that highest value possible.

Quality Products
Powerohm is quickly becoming the top source for quality power resistors. We use only the highest quality components to manufacture one of the most well engineered line of resistors products available today. Features such as optional all stainless steel construction including hardware and in-house ceramic manufacturing set us apart from the competition.

Outstanding Selection
Powerohm offers one of the broadest lines of quality power resistors in the marketplace. Our diverse selection of resistor products is sure to meet your requirements.

Excellent Sales Assistance and Service
Our product and application knowledge allow us to provide exceptional sales assistance to help you select the best, most competitively priced products for your application. We stock all the components necessary to manufacture our resistors, enabling us to fill your order quickly.

Competitive Pricing
Powerohm has built a reputation as one of the best values in the business. Our efficient manufacturing processes and trained personnel allow us to furnish you with quality products at highly competitive prices.

Totally manufactured in the United States
Powerohm is proud that all of the products we offer are manufactured in the United States. Our two separate facilities in Covington, Kentucky and Katy, Texas provide our customers with the highest quality products and the service they deserve.