Braking resistors suitable for transit applications must sustain severe operating conditions. Typical environments include frequent exposure to rain, snow and ice with track conditions that create persistent dust and debris associated with everyday travel. Resistors must be designed to withstand considerable mechanical shock and vibration, but include design features that limit excessive weight and space. Units must be designed to endure the above criteria and also meet the electrical and thermal cycling parameters of our customer’s specification.

Powerohm engineers are experienced and qualified to design your transit products. We have accumulated over 100 years of combined experience working on specialized resistor applications. Our knowledgeable staff will design a final product that will offer components and materials that are tolerant of the most severe transit environments. From our two locations in Katy, Texas and Covington, Kentucky we will bring you a final package and price that will compete with any market or entity available worldwide.

Our large selection of resistor alloys, element styles and insulating media allow us to offer units that incorporate maximum reliability along with minimum overall weights and sizes. Powerohm offers custom coil, grid and ribbon assemblies specifically designed for use in transit applications such as light rail, trolley systems, electric buses, locomotive and heavy railways.

Based on our engineering experience, technical excellence and quality resistor designs, coupled with our ISO 9001 Quality Management System (includes both the design and manufacture), we believe we are the world’s best solution for quality transit resistor products.

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