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GL50-D | Type GL Grid Resistor

By Powerohm 

Catalog ID: GL73-D

By Powerohm
Catalog ID:  GL73-D
Powerohm's Grid Resistors are most commonly used for motor acceleration and braking, but are also suitable for dynamic braking of variable frequency drives, load banks, harmonic filtering and neutral grounding applications. Resistor banks feature stainless steel stamped elements double insulated from supporting end frames with all silicone mica. The elements are offset and welded to eliminate current carrying washers and unwanted breaks in the current path. Type GL Grid Resistor 2.44 Ohms 73 A

  • Continues Wattage:13003
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    Product Details


    Resistance Ohms 2.44 Ohm
    System Voltage 600 VAC
    Type Grid Resistor Type GL


    Depth 21.5 in
    Length 26.5 in
    Weight 55 lb
    Width 19.44 in

    Electrical Ratings

    Amperage Rating 73 A
    Current / Amperage Rating 73 A
    Maximum Current Rating Amps Continuous 73 Amps
    Wattage 13003 W