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Back when it all started

GAI-TRONICS’ on-board train communications equipment is renowned within the rail industry for its reliability and quality. Installation began 30 years ago and the systems are still in use today – a testament to their longevity in demanding environments. Material obsolescence however, means that GAI-TRONICS are no longer able to provide replacement analog systems.

The New Kid on the Block

Now there’s a new kid on the block…Mimicking the traditional functionality of the legacy system, but with added benefits. GAI-TRONICS’ new IP equipment is the perfect replacement. The decision to design a new IP-based train communications solution developed following discussions with various train operating companies, looking for refurbishment options. The upgrade also comes as PRM-TSI standards have been reviewed, adding provision for wheelchairs, and ensuring that the new passenger information and assistance is accessible for all rail users. The evolved system lends itself perfectly to the new-build train market too, offering passengers and crew clear, reliable audio communications across the fleet via the Ethernet backbone.

An Array of Functionality

The new IP communications system performs an array of functions including communications between the driver and guard, driver and control centre, passenger announcements, crew communications, and disabled persons communications. Call for aid units in toilets and wheelchair areas now feature two-way speech to comply with PRM standards, giving passengers a means of communication with the train crew in the event of an emergency or if assistance is required.

Our IP system also features an audio interface to connect to Passenger Information Systems allowing audio messages to be synchronized with the data on visual displays. Each unit has an ambient noise monitoring software and automatically adjusts audio output levels according to the noise within the carriage at the time of the announcement. Ensuring that our system is reliable, audible, and safe is where GAI-TRONICS excels and this is why our products are installed around the world in the most arduous environments.

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