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Why Wait? Integrate with SP2!

At GAI-Tronics, we pride ourselves on being industry leaders in harsh & hazardous communications for our tried-and-true Page/Party systems. Thousands of them are installed all over the world! But with today’s ever-changing technology, the need exists for these still useful analog systems to be integrated into increasingly popular new digital systems. The answer? Our SP2 Page/Party 370-901 Interface! This standalone unit allows an existing Page/Party system to be seamlessly integrated into a new digital SP2 system. All page and party lines will work together between the analog and digital systems. The unit also works with other analog systems, including SmartSeries, ICS, ICS SmartSeries and Femco Call/Talk. Now, our large network of existing analog page/party customers can easily expand their systems without the considerable expense of running new 16-conductor cable.

Maybe integration just isn’t enough, and a full legacy system migration is in order? The SP2 Interface can handle that, too! Since analog and digital systems use different communications networks, the new IP-based stations can be installed before the old stations are removed, meaning that there is no loss of function during the upgrade. Our customers can run their businesses normally and not worry about lost revenue or decreased productivity. For customers in need of a full system migration, we would recommend installing our HUBBCOM IP Devices in order to take full advantage of all the serverless features that SP2 has to offer.

Of course, there are events like adding on to your current facility or building a new facility nearby that would require you to install a new overhead paging system or IP paging system and integrate or migrate an existing one. System integration can be tricky, but the SP2 interface allows you the flexibility to link multiple Page/Party audio paging systems, analog or digital, together over a single IP network. Our SP2 interface includes six independent 33Ω to IP multicast conversion circuits, allowing a single unit to interface a page line and up to five party lines.

Add customized SP2 stations to the Interface and you now have one of our most advanced paging and intercom systems. Combining the simplicity of “press to page, release to party” operation with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, SP2 is capable of providing virtually instant communication in even the most demanding of environments.

The SP2 Interface saves space with a convenient wall-mount unit and can withstand temperatures of 32 degrees to 122 degrees Fahrenheit and 95%relative humidity. It’s also simple! There’s no server, keypad, or extensions to memorize. If a system issue does occur, SP2 will notify you of any problems via email. All SP2 stations can be supplied with a handset for paging and intercom or without for areas where only paging coverage is needed. Indoor, weatherproof and hazardous stations with worldwide approvals are available, ensuring that SP2 can be used everywhere it’s needed.
Want to see SP2 in action? Call us at 1-800-492-1212, or email customerservice@gai-tronics.com to learn more or to schedule a demo today.

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