Installation Instructions

General Installation Instructions 

  • Check which Operating System  is installed on your 2830 Device
  • Download the zipped file to your computer
  • Extract all files in new directory on your USB stick. 
    It is not possible to install the files from a zipped Directory
  • Insert the USB - Stick at 2830. A Window will popup with the content of the stick.  
  • Start "2830 Vy.xx.exe"  
  • Please check after installation, if the correct version is installed (Menu "Setup:About ").

Operating Manual


 If is not possible to open "PDF - Files directly".
 Please download the file  first. (Use right mouse button)



Windows 7 Devices

for Devices with Serial Number >= 178838

Windows 7
Change History
Files for Download
Version : 3.076
Fixed             2831 TimeOutHandling
Added Storing as HTML
Fixed Output in Chrome Browser
Changed 2X Retries CT2831Device.ReadStr
Fixed 2830 Default
Fixed Retrigger 2831 after Overload / Ranging
Fixed Check No Signal Cn if No Overflow
Installation 2830 V3.076

Windows XP Devices
for Devices with Serial Number < 178838

Windows XP
Change History
Files for Download
Version :1.0.19
  • Added:          Sequence: ID_ACSTRESS, ID_DCSTRESS added
  • Fixed:           Error Compiling Sequence Button wrong
  • Added:          Edit Notes
2830 (10 MB)

History Changes