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iHV - Intelligent High Voltage Controller

By Hipotronics 

Catalog ID: IHV

By Hipotronics
Catalog ID:  IHV
The iHV is HIPOTRONICS' new state-of-the-art controller designed for AC resonant test systems, and ultra-high voltage DC systems. The iHV is included in our new test systems and available to upgrade existing systems to this modern control solution. The iHV software has a user-friendly interface designed to work in a wide-range of applications. The iHV's intuitive design and flexibility to set different test parameters allows the operator to easily and efficiently complete required tests.
  • Rackmount or benchtop design to meet each customer requirement
  • Multiple measurements including output voltage, current, quality factor, tuning meter, ripple, and PD
  • Adjustable test parameters such as target voltage, maximum current, ramp rate, and dwell time
  • Record and view test results by saving and exporting results csv, docx or PDF
  • Meter and graph display with zoom and pan capability
  • Partial Discharge measurement integration with 3rd party PD detector suppliers
  • Auto tuning and polarity reversal for fast and accurate testing
  • Simple to Use with minimal amount of setup time and intuitive control software allows for simple testing
  • Plug & Play design with previous Windows based controllers
  • Multi-functional for use with AC or DC test systems
  • Efficient - Saved presets and sequences for repeatable accurate HV testing
  • User-Friendly HIPOTRONICS control software
  • Safe Operation with interlock and emergency stop
  • SIL 3 Compatible

Product Details


  • Fiber optic cables and converter
  • High voltage warning lamp with magnetic base
  • Controller for laboratory high voltage AC & DC systems:
  • - Cables
  • - Transformers
  • - Switchgear
  • - Bushings
  • - Arrestors
  • - Other high voltage components
  • Controller for onsite high voltage AC & DC systems:
  • - Rotating machines
  • - Switchgear
  • - Short cable runs in substations
  • - Other high voltage components

Certifications and Compliance

Industry Standard(s)
  • IEC
  • IEEE

Resources and Downloads


iHV - Intelligent High Voltage Digital AC & DC Controller