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DC Test Systems

By Hipotronics 

Catalog ID: DC Power Supplies & DC Power Packs

By Hipotronics
Catalog ID:  DC Power Supplies & DC Power Packs
HIPOTRONICS high power ranges of supplies are either air or oil insulated. There are numerous protection features provided in these power supplies including input and backup breakers, adjustable overload relay (10-110% of rated current), fast overload sensor, zero-start interlock plus provision for external safety interlock, current-limiting resistor in output circuit, output shorting solenoid (and/or stiff resistive bleeders) and fuse or circuit breaker protection of controls.Standard high power supplies are available from 1kW to 50kW and 1kV to 300kV and are furnished with shielded coaxial output cable.Rated current is available from zero to maximum voltage and all power supplies feature solid-state rectifiers, meter calibration, surge/transient protection of meters, relays and voltage regulators. Controls include a meter polarity-reversing switch in addition to input power and overload circuits.
  • Zero start interlock ensures that the voltage control is at zero before HV can be energized
  • Adjustable Overload from 10 to 110% of rated current output
  • Backup Breaker overload safety situation
  • Continuously adjustable test voltage from zero to rated voltage
  • Output Connected voltmeter and ammeter
  • Shielded output cable
  • Shorting solenoid grounds output cable and object under test
  • Simple to Use - minimal amount of setup time and simple control panel allows simple testing
  • Operator Safety - the power supply and test object are automatically grounded when high voltage is turned off
  • Output Connected Meters - allows for fast accurate readings
  • Shielded Coaxial Output Cable - allows for easy connection to test object.

Product Details


  • Options
  • Meter Relays for Over-voltage or Over-current
  • Line Reactor to limit output to rated current
  • Dwell Timer
  • Memory kV Meter to record voltage break down
  • Motorized Output Controls
  • NOTE: The time required for the output to rise from zero to rated voltage is optional and may be 15, 30, or 60 seconds.(Rated speed (V/s) is the rated voltage divided by the rise time.)
  • Accelerators
  • X-Ray Systems
  • DC Transmission Line Components
  • High Voltage Power Sources

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