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HIPOTRONICS_ CF70-Cable-Fault-Detector-e1418824270405_PRODIMAGE

70kV Cable Fault Thumper



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HIPOTRONICS' CF70 cable fault locator is designed for simple location of medium and high voltage primary cables faults. In addition to the high energy capacitive discharge feature, this product allows users to perform a high voltage DC proof tester, and use a high current burner for high resistance faults.These self-contained, portable units are rugged and reliable making them ideal for years of field use. The CF70 has a continuously adjustable output for DC proof tests up to 70 kV, 100 mA of burn current and up to 25 kV and 3750J or 7000J of high energy capacitive discharge. This product can be easily combined with a time domain reflectometer (TDR 1150 / TDR 1170) via a high voltage coupler (HVC 4175).This combination of equipment can greatly reduce down time to find the fault, and reduce further damage or degradation to the cable under test.

  • Self-Contained Unit: Combines Proof Tester, Burner and Thumper
  • 100 mA max burn current
  • Internal discharge solenoid
  • Maximum 3750J or 7000J at 25kV
  • Automatic and manual Thumper modes
  • External interlock provisions
  • Can be run via AC line voltage or from a generator
  • Single HV output for All modes
  • Zero Start Interlock

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  • H-FLASH: Digital Acoustic/Ballistic Listening Device
  • SPK1-CF70-12 or SPK1-CF70-24: Spare Parts Kit
  • TDR1150: Portable Time Domain Reflectometer
  • TDR 1170: Rack-Mount Time Domain Reflectometer
  • HVC4170: High Voltage Coupler to protect TDR from high voltage and energy of cable fault locator.
  • EXT-WARN-1: One year extended warranty
  • Grounding Stick: 120kV maximum voltage
  • High voltage cable rack: includes 125ft of 70kV cable and 125ft of safety ground cable


  • Electrical Utilities
  • Test / Service Companies
  • Petrochemical Facilities
  • Mining Industry
  • Facility Maintenance