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Power Sensor

By Aclara 
By Aclara
First battery-free Smart Grid sensor measuring voltage with 0.5% accuracy.A distribution network is the backbone of any electric utility’s delivery system, yet it is often the largest unmonitored part of the grid. Aclara’s Power Sensors provide a new generation of distribution monitoring with the real-time actionable intelligence utilities need to monitor and optimize power conditions and improve reliability.Aclara’s Power Sensors offer an affordable turnkey solution. A single crew can install a set of sensors within minutes. Sensors are safely installed with a hot stick or insulated gloves, with no calibration required. Clamp-on line sensors with integrated wireless communications avoid the installation time, pole clutter, make ready, and recurring field calibration associated with line post sensors, optical sensors and pole-mounted meter cabinets. Sensors are inductively powered to eliminate battery maintenance. Finally, all sensors are remotely configurable and integrated with Aclara SMS software with Predictive Grid® Analytics.Safe and Reliable Voltage and Power MeasurementsThe line sensors are easily installed on medium voltage conductors and directly connected to system neutral, pole ground, or non-load break cutouts via light gauge copper wire. Power Sensors use a precision internal voltage divider to provide measurements of feeder voltage and safely maintain system insulation. Sensors are tested to meet comparable surge and insulation standards as line post sensors and surge arrestors.Flexible, Ubiquitous Communications OptionsAclara’s Grid Monitoring platform supports a wide range of communications options including 4G LTE communications for high-speed real-time reporting of events and data. Sensors can be quickly installed, automatically power up, connect to the network and back office. Where other smart grid communications networks are used, Aclara’s Wi-Fi MV Power Sensors support easy integration with public and private IP-based networks via aggregators or third party communications nodes. Wi-Fi models can be directly connected to standard pole-mounted fiber ONTs to communicate over broadband fiber networks.
  • Accurate voltage and current measurements that seamlessly integrate with SCADA, ADMS, Historians and other back-office systems
  • Bi-directional power flow
  • High accuracy voltage, current and power measurements provide valuable real-time inputs to key planning models and control applications.
  • Interval data logging, remotely configurable alarm thresholds, and waveform capture (current and voltage) provide comprehensive visibility of grid conditions and events.
  • Sag, Surge, Harmonics, Power Factor and Phase Angle power quality data monitoring
  • No need to retrieve data logger data -- measurements are routinely reported over the air automatically
  • Data and alarms can be accessed via reporting and graphing tools in the Aclara Sensor Management System (SMS) software or can be integrated via DNP3 to other back-end systems such as SCADA, Data Historians, Energy Management Systems (EMS), and Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS).
  • Power Sensors provide key inputs to a wide range of applications including and Volt/VAR optimization, enhanced substation monitoring, distributed generation (DG) and DER integration, enhanced ADMS power flow modeling, power quality monitoring, FLISR fault notification and location, and voltage regulator monitoring
  • Comprehensive reporting of fault, momentary and transient line disturbance events with accurate fault current measurement up to 17kA
  • High Current and Power Off alarms
  • GPS location
  • Automatic Phase Identification
  • Remotely configurable and firmware upgradeable over the air
  • Data and Alarm integration with SCADA systems
  • Models available up to 48kV L-L.