Mitigate Risk and Leverage New Opportunities

Dealing with aging and stressed distribution infrastructures, anticipating potential leaks, and responding to increased regulatory scrutiny all pose mounting challenges for gas utilities. To help gas utilities anticipate and respond to risks across their distribution networks, and meet growing regulatory pressures, gas utilities Aclara is helping company’s move past just drive-by reading applications to a robust and intelligent fixed-network advanced metering infrastructure.

Smart Infrastructure

Provides a path for gas utilities to monitor and manage distribution networks

Customer Care & Billing

Eliminate estimated reads and provide customers with consistent billing

Methane Detection

Find methane leaks to eliminate the risk explosions and reduce environmentally harmful emissions

Pressure Monitoring

Provide real-time insight into pipeline integrity and proactive response to problems ahead of costly incidents

Implementation & Enhanced Utility Services

Implementation & Enhanced Utility Services

Employ a full suite of software, data management, and workflow planning tools for AMI deployments with Aclara’s ProField suite of integrated EPR tools for Smart Grid planning, meter deployment management, and post-rollout operations

Software Solutions

Software Solutions

Our network management engages effectively and securely with business systems for billing, customer service, outage management, load management, and distribution engineering. The solution provides a comprehensive suite of interoperable, industry-standard integration adaptors, as well as standard and customizable file-based options

Communications Networks

Communications Networks

Aclara RF communications networks offer water and gas utilities superior performance and expandability, featuring reliable, flexible, two-way communications for utilities on licensed 450 MHz – 470 MHz frequencies. The system integrates with most water and gas meter platforms, allowing customers to use existing meter infrastructure or to upgrade to new meters without compatibility concerns

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