Redefine the Reliability of Your Grid Infrastructure

The largest interconnected machine in America, our electric power grid, is undergoing the largest transformation in its history. The Department of Energy's Electricity Advisory Committee predicts the existing grid is nearing the end of its useful life. Stressed by increased demand coupled with the need to accommodate new energy sources from smaller, gas-fired plants to renewable resources like solar and wind power. All at a time when consumers demand faster responses to outages and more control over usage.

The bottom line is that the electricity grid is more complex today than ever, and utilities are seeking new solutions to increase visibility into their distribution networks. Utilities want to better manage their assets, the fluctuations in voltage, current and loads resulting from increased demands and the integration of distributed resources on their aging system. Solutions that combine the latest technologies from initial plan through implementation offer new visibility and control to monitor millions of distribution lines connecting homes and businesses while reducing costs, improving reliability and actively engaging with customers.

Distributed generation

Integrate electricity generated by windmills, solar arrays, independent power facilities and microgrids

Fault / Outage management

Identify and locate outage-causing faults to get customers back on line faster.

Load monitoring

Understand when circuits may be overloaded and quickly respond with corrections.

Engage with your customers

Build active consumer engagement and energy conservation programs.

Enhanced Utility Services

Enhanced Utility Services

Control load, curb demand and safeguard against under-voltage and under-frequency conditions utilizing the Demand Response Unit (DRU). The Aclara DRU reduces peak power costs without impacting customer service. Utilities can also automate grid reliability and efficiency using Aclara's Distribution Switching Transponder (DST) to remotely manage capacitors and other relay-switched distribution automation devices.

Sensors and Controls

Sensors and Controls

Prevent hazardous sewer flooding with Aclara's sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) water height sensor. Respond to imminent problems such as clogged sewers or rising storm “surcharge” levels to head off the cost and liability of released contaminated water.

Communications Networks

Communications Networks

Aclara RF communications networks offer water and gas utilities superior performance and expandability, featuring reliable, flexible, two-way communications for utilities on licensed 450 MHz – 470 MHz frequencies. The system integrates with most water and gas meter platforms, allowing customers to use existing meter infrastructure or to upgrade to new meters without compatibility concerns

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