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TWACS® provides the performance, features, and tools to implement true comprehensive Smart Grid AMI programs.


Smart Grid AMI Programs

TWACS PLC leverages utilities electric distribution network for two-way communication to any meter or other endpoint device connected to the network without the need for additional repeaters or line conditioning equipment. Today, more than 400 utilities use TWACS to collect revenue-critical meter data as well as monitor line conditions, detect faults or outages and monitor power restoration.

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Data flexibility – provides 15, 30 and 60 minute interval data.


Detect faults and outages and monitor restoration.


Support for demand response and load control solutions.


Perform real-time pricing and direct-access settlement.

Aclara® DSI

The Aclara DSI (Disconnect Switch Interbase)provides a simple way to connect and reconnect power customers. The switch manages power delivery to seasonal and rental properties, locations where utility-worker safety is a concern, and homes or businesses previously disconnected for nonpayment. The DSI eliminates service calls to turn power on and off — saving the utility time and money.

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Distribution Switching Transponder (DST), operating with TWACS Network Server, allows utilities to automate grid reliability and efficiency. When used with Aclara’s iiDEAS platform, utilities can automate voltage regulation or power quality management application that decides when these actions are needed.

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The TWACS MIRA (Multiple Input Receiver Assembly) provides more communication bandwidth for advanced smart grid applications and can triple the communications capacity of a TWACS system.

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The TWACS UMT-C for commercial and industrial customers provides the utility with remote, two-way access to usage and voltage data. The UMT-C takes a daily and on-billing cycle snapshot using ANSI C12.19 open protocol to gather meter data. The transponder can deliver consumption, demand, time-of-use, reactive energy, power factor, Q-hour, apparent power, and voltage readings – typically within 20 seconds of a request.

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The TWACS UMT-R (Universal Metering Transponder-Residential) for solid state, residential meters provides remote, two-way access to usage and voltage data and ensures recent meter data is available to the utility. The UMT-R performs scheduled and on-request reads, with data directly from ANSI C12.19 tables, and allows the utility to remotely reset the peak demand on individual meters or meter groups

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