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RF Electric

By Aclara 
By Aclara
The Aclara RF Electric communications network for electric utilities offers unmatched performance and expandability while providing dependable, two-way communications reaching over 99% of endpoints during outages. With limited maintenance needs and high reliability, Aclara RF offers the best total cost of ownership solution for electric utilities.Faster DataThe Aclara RF point-to-multipoint network lets each meter communicate directly with at least two or more data collector units (DCU) to create efficient paths, resulting in faster and more reliable meter reads.Reliability through RedundancyThe system uses a licensed 450-470 MHz spectrum that transmits farther than 900 MHz unlicensed systems with reduced signal path loss. Signals at this frequency propagate better in and around buildings and other obstructions to provide consistently dependable coverage ideal for urban, suburban and rural service areas.Faster, Less Costly DeploymentEnhanced signal propagation means fewer DCUs are required, resulting in faster deployment and lower capital investment.High SecurityThe utility-controlled, private network operates on its own, independent FCC-issued channels. Security features include NIST-compliant authenticated messaging utilizing DTLS protocol with high level AES-256 encryption for high data integrity.Lower Total Cost of OwnershipCompared with many RF networks, the Aclara RF network point to multipoint design and use of licensed spectrum requires up to 35% less operational and capital costs, reducing project cost across the entire system lifecycle.
  • Licensed spectrum 450MHz-470MHz
  • Network Redundancy
  • Multiple applications utilizing common network infrastructure
  • Suport for electric, gas, and water AMI, Distribution Automation, Utility Pole/Conductor sensing, Methane Detection, Water leak detection all on a common network communicating to the AclaraONE unified head end system