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By Aclara 
By Aclara
Improving the speed and bandwidth of a TWACS® smart-grid system allows utilities to enable home area networking, improve demand response and distribution automation, an provide time-of-useinformation, all while lowering distribution costs. The TWACS MIRA provides more communication bandwidth foradvanced smart grid applications and can triple the communications capacity of a TWACS system. The MIRA is used in installations ranging from 20,000 to 1.4 million endpoints.
  • 128 Inputs
  • 32 feeders with concurrent phase detection
  • Parallel bus detection
  • Up to 3 MIRA's per TWACS CRU
  • Enhanced precision: Provides far more efficient communications by reducing retries
  • Increased speed: Enhanced parallelism reduces the number of outbound commands
  • Concurrent phasing: Frees bandwidth by reading more meters simultaneously
  • Increased sensitivity: Improves data throughput in noisy substations by using advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms
  • Transponder independent: Works with any TWACS endpoint
  • Downloadable upgrades: Obtains latest version of software from the Aclara TWACS portal

128 Inputs32 feeders with concurrent phase detectionParallel bus detectionUp to 3 MIRA's per TWACS CRU

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