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Aclara I-210+ Smart Grid Meter

By Aclara 
By Aclara
The Aclara I-210+ is a high-precision smart grid meter tailored for residential applications. It's a solid-state kWh meter equipped with a 200A (or new 320A) service switch, providing basic load management functionality. Known for its quality and reliability, it has passed rigorous internal and external validation tests for billing accuracy. Its interoperable design supports multiple communication technologies like RF Mesh and PLC, making it a versatile choice for various smart grid applications.

Elevate Residential Metering with Aclara I-210+: A Smart, Reliable, and Interoperable Metering Solution for the Smart Grid Era.

  • High-precision residential metering
  • Solid-state kWh meter platform with 200A service switch
  • Interoperable with RF Mesh and PLC communication technologies
  • Proven reliability and quality in billing accuracy
  • Supports smart grid applications including load management and outage restoration
  • Compliant with ANSI C12.1, C12.10, C12.20, C37.90.1 standards

Product Details


Application Residential
Available Options
  • Class/Form:• CL20: 3S, 4S• CL200: 1S, 2S, 12S/25S• CL320: 2S, 12S/25S
  • Service Disconnect option available on CL200 and CL320
  • Aclara TWACS
  • Trilliant SecureMesh
  • Trilliant SecureReach
  • Nexgrid IntelaMeter
  • Tantalus TruEdge
Ingress Protection NEMA 3R
Operating Temperature
  • -40°C to +85 °C
  • <95% relative humidity
  • CL20 : 3S, 4S
  • CL200 : 1S, 2S, 12S, 25S
  • CL320 : 2S, 12S, 25S

Electrical Ratings

Current Rating Class 20, 200, and 320 A
Frequency Rating 50 or 60 Hz
Voltage Rating
  • 120 V
  • 208 V
  • 240 V

Certifications and Compliance

Industry Standard(s)
  • ANSI C12.1, C12.10, C12.16, C12.18. C12.19, C12.20
  • FCC Class B emissions
  • UL2735 (option)