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Smart Meters

Aclara I-210+ Smart Grid Meter

By Aclara  
Aclara's I-210+ Smart Grid meter is a reliable and efficient residential metering solution, featuring a solid-state kWh meter, a 200A or new 320A service switch, and compatibility with multiple communication technologies.

Aclara I-210+c™ L-Model Compact Meter

By Aclara  
The Aclara I-210+c™ L-Model is a compact, advanced residential meter with a socket-free design, ideal for non-traditional metering locations. It offers advanced metering solutions, reliability, and diverse AMI options, along with features like tamper detection and remote disconnect.

Aclara I-210+c™ Residential Smart Grid Meter

By Aclara  
The Aclara I-210+c™ Residential Meter is a versatile and reliable metering solution for residential applications, featuring real-time data, power quality monitoring, advanced AMI options, and tamper detection, adaptable for various communication technologies.

Aclara kV2c Gen5 Meter

By Aclara  
Aclara's kV2c Gen5 meter is a state-of-the-art metering solution for commercial and industrial applications, featuring advanced metering capabilities, customizable options for complex requirements, and robust design for reliability and efficiency.

SGM1300TM Smart Energy Meter

By Aclara  
Aclara’s SGM1300TM Smart Energy Meter features a robust platform for accurate billing, real-time information, and enhanced communications solutions.

SGM1400 SMETS2 Smart Meter

By Aclara  
The SGM1400 SMETS2 smart meter from Aclara is an integral part of the UK dual-fuel smart metering strategy for both residential small commercial installations.

SGM1430-B polyphase

By Aclara  
Aclara’s advanced and modular SGM1430-B polyphase is a family of meter devices designed for large residential and small commercial installations to connect to a secure UK nationwide network.

SGM3000TM Smart Energy Meter

By Aclara  
Aclara’s SGM3000TM Smart Energy Meter product line, offers robust and flexible technology that covers metering needs from basic, energy-only metering to comprehensive smart metering with advanced functionality for commercial customers.
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