RF 3400 Water MTU



The Aclara RF series 3400 Series Water meter transmission unit (MTU) collects and records up to a nine digits of water consumption-digit registry of hourly and interval usage data – all transmitted via Aclara’s efficient, low-power, high-performance two-way Aclara RF network technology. The 3400 MTU delivers time-stamped reads on a time-synchronized network for advanced water distribution management. Hourly, time-stamped reads from Aclara MTUs virtually: E eliminates billing and errors, provides detailed water usage information, Iimproves revenue management, R and reduces customer service calls.In addition, the 3400 family takes full advantage of the two-way network with enhanced features such as on-demand reads and firmware downloads over the air. And added encryption of consumption reads using AES256128 encryption ensures that customer data is secure.

  • Provides detailed, hourly, time-stamped reads on water usage to identify anomalies such as potential leaks and meter tampering.
  • Transmits up to nine digits of meter-reading data guaranteeing the most accurate meter reads.
  • Gives utilities complete control over access to consumption data with On-demand reads.
  • Reconciles the amount of water entering the system versus water consumed with same-time clock synchronization across the network.
  • Improves propagation and reduces interference with other devices using FCC licensed 450 to 470 MHz radio frequencies.
  • Remotely update MTU configurations and download firmware upgrades with two-way fixed network.
  • Ensures customer data is secure with encrypted consumption reads using AES256128 encryption.
  • Assures the highest read success rate in the industry with redundant readings, transmissions, and collection paths.
  • Battery powered MTUs and collectors means readings and collections continue even during power outages. Stored readings are automatically uploaded to the head-end when power is restored.
  • Long-lasting performance with a 20-year lithium battery.