Aclara kV2c Gen5 Meter



The Aclara kV2c Gen5 meter is an advanced metering solution optimized for commercial and industrial applications. It exceeds traditional revenue metering by offering real-time instrumentation, power quality monitoring, and accurate cost of service measurements. The meter is adaptable for various requirements, from simple energy rates to complex service quality and load analysis on single or polyphase circuits. Its robust design includes diverse integrated AMI options, advanced configuration for specific data needs, and optional functions like reactive power measurement, power quality, event logging, and a remote disconnect option for enhanced operational efficiency.

Experience the Next-Generation Metering with Aclara kV2c Gen5 - Precision, Efficiency, and Adaptability for Your Industrial and Commercial Needs.

  • Advanced metering solution
  • Industry-proven reliability
  • Cost-efficient and customizable design
  • Robust testing and diverse AMI options
  • Supports up to 20 channels of load profile data
  • Includes remote disconnect (RD) for operational efficiency
  • Features like reactive power measurement and power quality logging

Product details




Available Forms

  • *Class/Form:
  • CL20: 3S, 4S, 9S, 36S, 45S
  • CL200: 1S, 2S, 12S, 16S, 25S
  • CL200: 16S with Service Disconnect
  • CL320: 2S, 12S, 16S
  • *Option:
  • Simple I/O - KYZ, 2 form C outputs, 1 form A output & 1RTP
  • Multiple I/O - KYZ, 2 form C outputs, 6 form A outputs, 4 pulse inputs & 1 RTP
  • Serial Communication Card
  • Revenue Guard - Multiple phase power supply
  • Low Voltage (57V-120V) Power Supply
  • High Voltage (600V) Power Supply

Available Options

  • Simple I/O – 2 form C outputs
  • 1 form A output & 1 RTP Multiple I/O – 2 form C outputs
  • 6 form A outputs
  • 4 pulse inputs & 1 RTP Service Disconnect - (COMING SOON) 16S CL200 Only Revenue Guard - Meter power from all phases Low Voltage - 57-120V Power Supply Option 600V Option - 600V Power Supply Option on Form 12S Only


  • Aclara TWACS
  • Aclara RF
  • Aclara Cellular
  • Itron GenX
  • Sensus Flexnet
  • Trilliant SecureMesh
  • Verizon Gridwide
  • Nexgrid IntelaMeter
  • Nighthawk Adaptiv Link
  • Tantalus TruEdge
  • Easymetering Cellular

Ingress Protection


Operating Temperature

  • -40°C to +85 °C
  • <95% relative humidity

Power Consumption

Voltage MaxCurrent MaxWatts120VAC 35mA 4.24 W240VAC 25mA 5.92 W277VAC 25mA 6.94 W

Electrical Ratings

Current Rating

Class 20, 200, and 320 A

Frequency Rating

50 or 60 Hz

Voltage Rating

Autoranging 120 V to 480 V

Certifications And Compliance

Industry Standard(s)

  • ANSI C12.1, C12.10, C12.16, C12.18. C12.19, C12.20
  • FCC Class B emissions
  • UL2735 (option)