AclaraONE® Software Solutions



AclaraONE® (One Network for Everyone) is an intuitive, easy-to-use platform that offers managers, operators, field technicians, and customer service representatives a customizable interface to access the information they need. The foundation of its interface is a robust meter data management system that includes validation, estimation and editing. Its software capabilities include modules to perform specific tasks such as viewing data, meter exchange, demand response, fault detection, billing, line-loss, voltage, and transformer-load analysis.

  • Benefits
  • Meter-to-cash software offers a single, centralized enterprise service featuring consumption-based analytics, billing analytics and portal, and tools for customer service representatives.
  • Network management functions link securely to critical business systems through a single, centralized head end for gas, water and electric devices on Aclara’s RF, powerline communications and cellular networks.
  • Distribution operations software provides distribution automation capabilities that rapidly shed load during peak periods, pinpoint outages on low-voltage power lines using analysis of meter data, analyze data from smart grid sensors to detect and locate faults, classify various line disturbances, and monitor power quality across all three phases of medium-voltage distribution networks.
  • Analytics allow utilities to extract information from meter and sensor data on their distribution networks, providing real-time insights, alerting utilities to events affecting operations and enabling quick response to identified problems.