TWACS® PLC leverages utilities electric distribution network for two-way communication to any meter or other endpoint device connected to the network without the need for additional repeaters or line conditioning equipment. Today, more than 400 utilities use TWACS to collect revenue-critical meter data as well as monitor line conditions, detect faults or outages and monitor power restoration. eTWACS provides the performance, features, and tools to implement true comprehensive Smart Grid AMI programs.

  • 100% service territory coverage – no stranded assets.
  • Data flexibility – 15 minute, 30 minute and 60-minute interval data.
  • Exceptional reliability — Interval meter read success rate greater than 99.8%
  • Detect faults and outages and monitor and restoration.
  • Support for demand response and load control solutions.
  • Forward, reverse, secure, and net energy consumption monitoring.
  • Implement energy monitoring functionality for distributed generation applications.
  • Perform real-time pricing and direct-access settlement plus peak-demand and aggregated billing.
  • Service connect/disconnect functionality.
  • Highly scalable to provide the mission critical data needed by utilities to meet technical and customer-service expectations.