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ProField’s suite of applications offers end-to-end visibility and control of your metering and AMI initiatives. With powerful collaboration and real-time reporting, ProField’s comprehensive software tools safely and efficiently execute Smart Grid initiatives on- time and on-budget.  Utilize this powerful suite of tools for your own deployments, or use them in conjunction with Aclara’s Implementation Services.

  • Automatically collect and consolidate project data across all ProField data modules to create a fully integrated, powerful ERP application for meter deployments. All aspects of the installation process from inventory management and workforce assignments to real-time project tracking and safety management are available for AMI execution teams.
  • Manage your AMI deployment end-to-end and across the entire meter lifecycle with the only suite of ERP software tools designed specifically for utilities.
  • Document your entire AMI deployment workflow to increase productivity and lower costs. Workflows can be customized for a utility’s needs and eliminate common errors that often occur during large AMI deployments.
  • Get multi-stage, multi-tiered inventory management to quickly reconcile inventory and provide precise stage-tracking of all project assets. ProField provides a comprehensive, real-time view of all project assets, custody, and locations.
  • Generate safety management and field-generated incident reports in real-time via the team’s own mobile devices, and instantly push this data to a central server to accurately track incidents and meet OSHA requirements.