The TWACS UMT-C for commercial and industrial customers provides the utilitywith remote, two-way access to usage and voltage data. UMT-C takes a daily and on-billing cycle snapshot using ANSI C12.19 open protocol to gather meter data. The transponder can deliver consumption, demand, time-of-use, reactive, power factor, Q-hour, apparent power, and voltage readings – typically within 20 seconds of a request. The UMT-C supports collecting four channels of interval data in 15-, 30- and 60- minute lengths. The unit’s expanded memory maintains a minimum of 35 days of interval data, depending on the configuration. For example, a two channel configuration of 60-minute interval data provides over 160 days of history. The UMT-C is available for the Aclara kV2c, L+G FOCUS® AX Polyphase, and Elster A3 Alpha® meters and is also compatible with KYZ outputs and inputs for the Aclara kv2c meter

  • Works with TWACS PROASYS® to provide timely dispatch of crews and real-time monitoring of service restoration
  • Retrieves phase-voltage measurements from the meter for automatic monitoring that allows troubleshooting from the office
  • Checks the meter’s diagnostic registers each hour, indicating an alarm on its next response
  • Supports remote upgrades of transponder firmware
  • Installs within the meter and accesses data directly from ANSI C1219 tables
  • Schedules remote demand resets to occur on or off the billing cycle date

ACLARA kV2cTM: Starting load (watts): Class 20 - 0.005 Amp (0.6W), Class 100 - 0.030 Amp (3.6W), Class 200 - 0.050 Amp (12W), Class 320 - 0.080 Amp (19.2W), Class 480 - 0.120 Amp (28.8W), Available forms: Self-Contained 1S, 2S, 2SE, 12S, 25S; Transformer Rated 3S, 4S; K-Base 2K, Operating temperature -40C to +85C under cover, Nominal voltage 120V or 240V, Operating voltage 80% to 115% of Vn, Frequency 60Hz +/- 5%, Humidity 5% to 95% relative humidity, non condensingL+G FOCUS® AX POLYPHASE: Pulls meter data directly from the meter registers, 4 Channels of interval data, Power reliability with counters for power down, momentary, and sustained outages, Improved outbound detection, 120V module and an autoranging 240-277V module, Captures data from up to 64 utility-selected meter registers, Update firmware over the power lines, Address modes supporting enhanced TWACS (eTWACS)ELSTER A3 ALPHA®: Single-phase, self-contained A3 ALPHA meters in form 1S and 2S, both in Class 200 and Class 320, Polyphase, self-contained meters in forms 12S and 16S, both in Class 200 and Class 320, Transformer-rated, Class 20 meters in forms 3S, 4S, 5S/35S, 6S/36S, and 8S/9S/10S, Includes autoranging 120V, VT-rated versions, Captures data from up to 32 utility-selected meter registers

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