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PosiGrip ®


Connector Manufacturing Company introduces PosiGrip® aluminum dual-rated mechanical connectors. The PosiGrip line is designed to meet the rigorous requirements of 486B and CSA1165A specifications covering connectors for use with aluminum and copper conductors. The PosiGrip line is fully listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. and Canadian Standards Association. In addition, these connectors are EU RoHS compliant.

Low resistance design

Low initial contact resistance is the key to long life for any electrical connection and is the major element in meeting the demanding performance requirements of UL468B. CMC's engineers have incorporated special new design concepts into the PosiGrip line. Uniquely designed I-Beam bodies and conductor hole configurations along with specially designed and treated screws, minimize high-resistance connector failures due to thermal expansion, creep and insufficient clamping force. The superior gripping action of the I-Beam design allows the set screw to separate conductor strands and break down inner strand oxidation even on compressed and compact aluminum conductors. Therefore, superior performance and long connector life are assured regardless of the type of conductor being used.



Each PosiGrip connector will accommodate a wide range of aluminum or copper conductor sizes of concentric, compressed or compact configurations. Only four connector sizes cover the range from #14 thru 1000 kcmil. In addition, all sizes are UL listed and CSA certified for use with conductors that have thermal insulation ratings of 90°C or less. The result is greater flexibility in the type of conductor being used and less inventory to carry. PosiGrip connectors are easy to install with only screwdriver or allen wrench required.

Quality Assurance

To identify UL 486B connectors, UL requires such connectors to be marked CU9AL when listed for use with 90°C rated conductors. To be sure that the connectors purchased meet all UL requirements, CMC inspects each lot of PosiGrip connectors for integrity of physical dimensions, aluminum properties, set screw and conductor hole alignment, and plating. Screw and body thread class are also examined. Only those connector lots measured against industry accepted quaility levels and specifications are approved for shipment.