Here is a glimpse of CMC’s Solutions for the different Markets.


CMC® is a full line manufacturer of pole line hardware and aluminum and copper connectors - offering both mechanical and compression designs. It is CMC®'s philosophy to provide only the highest quality products, incorporating labor saving designs, while utilizing the latest technology in production.

CMC®'s capabilities include:

    -- complete engineering and design

    -- tool and die-making

    -- certified "third party" test facility equipped to perform UL, ANSI and CSA requirements,

       to ensure our connectors adhere to all standards.

    -- RUS certification, C119.4, C119.1, Western Underground Guide 2.5 certification.


CMC® is committed to customer satisfaction! Your success is the key to our success. Though our standard products work well for most customers, your needs may be different. We will work with you to make a successful partnership. Let us know how we can better serve you.