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Stab It

The Fastest Way to Terminate MC Into a Box!


RACO’s line of STAB-iT and STAB-iT II boxes with built-in cable connectors for flexible armored cable are field-proven to be 3X faster than using traditional connects. Our unique cable clamp locks cable in place quickly and easily to increase productivity on every job. Saves money—these boxes cost no more than a std. box plus cable connector and bushing, yet speed up installation time!


A Box for every application:

Original STAB-iT line included 4” sq boxes and switch boxes.

STAB-iT II line includes 4-11/16” sq boxes for additional room.


Ideal for pre-fab and commercial applications.

Reduce SKU’s!

Reduce worksite waste!

Increase productivity!


·       3 TIMES FASTER than traditional connectors

·       Designed for quick installation of flex, MC, MCI, MCI-A, AC, and HCF Cable

·       NEW: STAB-IT II boxes add MC-PCS cable capability for smart building applications

·       NEW: STAB-IT II boxes add eccentric KO on the connector side for additional flexibility

·       Accepts cable sizes from 14/2 up to 10/3 for most cable types

·       Square boxes include 1 or 2 STAB-IT connectors

·       Switch boxes for new work or old work

·       Design allows cable to easily be removed and the connector to be reused

·       Each STAB-IT cable connector accommodates 2 cables

·       Each STAB-IT II cable connector accommodates 3 cables, individually removable

·       UL Listed for use without a plastic bushing (except for AC Cable)

·       Available with built-in cable management clip, offering “first means of support”

·       Available with brackets for stud mounting

·       Pre-installed 8” solid #12 pigtail for faster installation

·       Suitable for use without a bonding jumper in circuits up to 600 volts

·       UL listed

·       Designed in USA

Cable Type_Stab-It.jpg
Cable Type_Stab-It_II.jpg