Industrial and OEM

Boxes, Covers and Fitting Applications

RACO® boxes, covers, and fittings can be used in a multitude of applications within the Industrial and OEM marketplace. In our fittings product line, we offer numerous styles to meet your electrical needs.

Color-Coded Cord Grip Connectors are used in wet or dry locations and provides a liquidtight and strain relief termination for flexible cord and cable. Die-cast liquidtight fittings are used in indoor or outdoor locaitons on flexible metallic liquidtight conduit and Type B flexible nonmetallic liquidtight conduit. Hot Dip Galvanized Parallel, Right Angle, and Edge Type Clamps are designed to secure rigid metal conduit, IMC or EMT across, parallel or perpendicular to channel, beam and angle supports. Universal Exposed Work Covers support switches or receptacles in areas where the box is surface mounted or positioned in exposed work applications. Handy Boxes and Covers are popular for exposed work applications and the covers are designed to match the contour of the boxes.