Frequently Asked Questions




Country of Origin Marking: RACO® steel boxes made in countries other than USA have the origin marked on the part.

Certifications: Certified products are marked with UL, CSA, or ETL as applicable. Modifying product or installing in a manner the product was not designed for renders the certification null.

Earth Quake Rating: Products are not rated for this purpose.

Warranty: RACO warrants the products herein described against defects of material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of one year (a) from date of shipment, so far as the same are manufactured by RACO. RACO does not cover ordinary wear and tear, abuse, misuse, overloading, altered products, systems or materials not of its own manufacture.



Do you have boxes with large knockouts for A/V, Power & Data requirements?
Yes, RACO's 260 and 263 are design specifically for Audio/Video, Power and Data.  These larger capacity boxes feature 1/2 in. to 2 in. knockouts and extra large capacity for the larger Cat 6A, fiber optic, and preterminated cables. 

What is the approved weight rating for a wall box?
For devices supported to the box with two #6 screws, the default rating is 6 lbs. Boxes approved for greater ratings will be marked with the weight rating.

Can I mount a ceiling fan to any ceiling box?
ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Ceiling fans can create an unbalanced dynamic load that will cause failure in all regular ceiling boxes. The NEC® requires that ceiling fans be ONLY mounted to boxes approved for this application.  RACO has an excellent line of ceiling fan rated boxes.  

Do RACO boxes have grounding provisions?

Yes, all RACO boxes have at least one tapped 10-32 hole for grounding. Specific boxes are provided with grounding pigtails. Most boxes have a raised ground screw area which eliminates the ground screw from interfering in surface mounting applications.

Does RACO supply grounding pigtails?
Both solid wire and stranded wire styles are available in several lengths to meet most applications. 
See our steel box accessory section of the catalog for specifics.

Does RACO sell plaster ears for switch boxes separately?
Yes, there are three types that are available. Two styles of old work clips are available as well. See our steel box accessory section of the catalog for specifics.

Do you have any boxes that are painted? 
Yes, our Life Safety series are painted red for system identification.

Do you have any vapor barrier boxes?
Yes, 2000-FBAR series.  

Does RACO have a way of mounting a 4 in. square box in old work applications?
Yes, our RETRO-RING® series make's this easy. They are great for mounting devices and fire alarm notification appliances.  


Floor Boxes

Does RACO offer floor boxes with covers other than solid brass?
Yes, we offer floor boxes in variety of finishes - nickel, stainless steel, or black. We do offer nonmetallic covers in ivory or gray.  

Does RACO, Bell, or Taymac have any weatherproof floor boxes?
Not available at this time. However, floor boxes are tested for scrub water per UL requirements.

Can product from another manufacturer be used with Hubbell floor box?
No, each manufacturer has their own unique design which are submitted to UL for listing. 

Does RACO have any floor boxes for concrete?
Yes, we have several to choose from. Our popular nonmetallic 5511 or our cast iron products, 6263 or 6258.  



What's so special about RACO's 4714 THE INSIDER® connector?
It's the only connector made that can be installed after the box is installed - making it the perfect connector for old work applications.  

Does RACO carry any metric fittings?
No, RACO fittings are based on the Imperial system.

Can fittings be used in high temperature applications?
RACO fittings are primarily designed for indoor ambient temperatures.

Are insulating bushings provided with squeeze connectors?
No, typically these are provided by the conduit manufacturer.

Can fittings be used for underground burial applications?
No, only general construction and poured concrete.

What thread specification is used on RACO Fittings?
RACO uses NPT or NPSM thread specifications in most cases.