Boxes, Covers and Fittings Applications

RACO® provides superior electrical products used in residential applications. We offer a wide variety of product solutions that will make your home improvement project easier. Whether you are installing a ceiling fan, light fixture, or a receptacle device in your home, basement, or garage, RACO has a breadth of products that can assist in your home improvement project. 

THE INSIDER®, the unique design allows the homeowner to run Non-metallic Sheathed Cable through the knockout to the desired length before snapping the connector into the knockout. No more need to cut an oversized hole for an old work box and connector installation.

One of our more popular product is the Wood Floor Box with Concealed Receptacle which is easily mounted into the floor. The floor boxes allow for the placement of electrical power or a combination of power and voice/data devices and the height is adjustable up to 3/4 in. for optimal alignment and fit. We offer the wood floor boxes in several finishes - brass-plated, stainless, nickel-plated, and black which are complimentary to your home furnishings. Using our FLUSH-FIT® device leveling plate allows you to quickly resolve loose, crooked, or recessed devices that are not aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

RETRO-BRACE® ceiling fan & fixture support products allow the installation of ceiling fans or light fixtures in an "old work" application. On a 16 in. span, the brace can support a 70 pound ceiling fan or 110 pound light fixture. On a 24 in. span, the brace can support a 35 pound ceiling fan or 50 pound light fixture.