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Who We Are


RACO® is a leading manufacturer of steel electrical boxes, covers, and commercial fittings. One of the oldest brands in the electrical industry, our name is synonymous with quality and innovation. One of our innovative features found on our steel boxes are TKO Knockouts. TKO Knockouts offer greater flexibility with combination 1/2 in. and 3/4 in. knockouts. This feature is UL Listed providing bonding without the use of bonding jumpers. 

RACO® steel boxes are used in branch circuit wiring that accommodates wiring devices, such as switches and receptacles. Most boxes may also serve as fixture supports. Our outlet boxes are listed to support lighting fixture canopies or fans. Boxes feature over-sized #10-32 grounding hole and combination screw heads.

RACO® commercial fittings are the best answer when you need to couple, connect, fasten, or ground conduit or cables. Choose from specification grade malleable iron, steel, lightweight aluminum, or die-cast zinc materials. Many of the commercial fittings are UL Listed as rain-tight, concrete-tight, or liquid-tight. RACO® commercial fittings are designed to save time on the job. Locknuts will not slip or spin. Premium set-screws provide reliable, continuity of ground. Insulated throats protect insulation during wiring-pulling. 

In 1921 Walter Roach and Ernest Appleton formed the Roach Appleton Manufacturing Company near Chicago, IL. Nine years later they moved the company to South Bend, IN where we still are today!! In 1951, the Union was established at the facility. In 1972, the official name of RACO® was adopted. Hubbell.Inc (Delaware) acquired the company in 1981. Within sixteen years RACO® became the leading brand of Hubbell Electrical Products. In 2012, TayMac became part of Hubbell Electrical Products. In 2015, ACME was acquired by Hubbell Inc. (Delaware) and we also changed our name to Hubbell Commercial Construction as part of the Hubbell Commercial & Industrial group. As we approach 100 years, RACO® continues to focus on innovation, quality and service.