Government and Military

For government project bids, RACO® is your source of electrical steel boxes, covers, and commercial fittings. 

USA EMT Steel Fittings offer an array of trade sizes between 1/2 in. - 4 in. that can be used for Recovery Act projects that require its use.  4 in. Universal Exposed Work Covers are used to support switches or receptacles in areas where the box is surface mounted or positioned in exposed work applications. Duplex and toggle switch adapter plates are included that provide flexibility during cover installation.H & M Series boxes are designed to position and safely secure boxes within a wall cavity using existing metal or wood studs. RACO’s unique, patent pending, flip out universal box stabilizing support bracket accommodate any size depth stud and eliminates the need for additional parts and pieces on the job.A new porudct line, BLOCK-LOC®, are self-positioning masonry boxes and tile covers designed to lock into position and hold during the construction process. Large Capacity Steel Wall Boxes are 3-1/2 in. deep and accommodate larger sized wiring devices such as dimmers, designer wiring devices, GFCI and communication/data services in commercial applications.