Steel Boxes, Covers, and Fittings Applications

For over 85 years, RACO® continues to be the recognized leader of manufactured products in the Commercial Construction industry. Our experience in design and innovation has grown into an expansive line of high quality steel boxes, covers, and commercial fittings.

In wet locations, Raintight Steel EMT Compression Fittings bond and secure EMT conduit to a box, enclosure, or couple two ends of EMT conduit. Blue tinted compression nuts & "wet locations" markings allow inspecting authorities to immediately determine that the installation is up to code. In dry locations, Double Bite Saddle Connectors connect flexible metal conduit, MCI, MCI-A and AC cable to a box or enclosure.

We are please to introduce two new lines, BLOCK-LOC® and STAB-iT®. BLOCK-LOC®, self-positioning masonry boxes and tile covers designed to lock into position and hold during the construction process. Use these boxes for power and data outlets in masonry block walls. STAB-iT®, a new line of boxes with built-in cable connectors for flexible armored cable. The patent pending connectors are designed to lock the cable in place quickly and easily to increase production on every job.