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BURNDY® HYGROUND® is the safest, most cost-effective, time-efficient and easily inspected grounding system available today. A BURNDY® HYGROUND® compression connection can be made in three minutes.


The efficiency and consistency of installing a BURNDY® HYGROUND® compression grid translates to tremendous labor savings.


BURNDY® HYGROUND® helps you keep your entire jobsite on schedule. Compression connections can be made in even the most inclement weather conditions—rain, wind or snow.

Product Offering Table

Product Family Type Wire to Wire Wire to Ground Rod Wire to Rebar Wire to Busbar Wire Termination Wire to Structural Steel
YGL Cross Grid      
YGLR Ground Rod to Grid          
YGHP Figure 6      
YGHC Figure C        
YGHHC Double C-Tap        
YGC Crimpit          
YSHG H-Tap        
YGHR Figure 8          
YGA Lug (Standard Duty)        
YGHA Lug (Heavy Duty)        
YGS Splice (Standard Duty)          
YGHS Splice (Heavy Duty)          
YGIB I-Beam Connection          
YG-B Busbar Connector          

Hyground Installation Video

Hyground Brochure