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IDW – Industry Data Warehouse Connection

industry data warehouse connection

The IDW is an electro-industry solution to help BURNDY and its trading partners synchronize product, marketing, packaging and pricing data. As a charter member of the IDEA industry group that introduced the IDW Data Synchronization Platform over a decade ago, BURNDY uses the IDW to provide syndicated content for most of the product lines it sells through wholesale distribution.

The primary benefit of the IDW is improving the quality and timeliness of data that BURNDY sends to our trading partners. Through the IDW our trading partners extract the information that they require for their business systems. Some the advantages seen by our partners who use the IDW are:

      • Access to fully Attributed and Enhanced product information
      • Synchronized product and pricing data
      • Reduced transactional errors and costs by using the latest product information
      • Cleaner data for product life-cycle management
      • Reduced order errors 
      • Knowing order minimums and standard package quantity prior to ordering
      • Better inventory management, more accurate valuation

Not an IDW member? Interested in access to BURNDY through IDW?

The first step in participating in IDW is to get in contact with IDEA, a business-to-business technology service provider owned by the electrical industry and third party owner of the IDW.

If you are already an IDW subscriber and an authorized BURNDY distributor simply request access to BURNDY from the IDEA portal.

After some initial testing and confirmation, you will be able to receive all the benefits of data synchronization using the industry supported IDW.

Please note: Both BURNDY (Hubbell) and its trading partner must be current IDEA subscribers (certain fees may apply) to IDW services. In addition, both parties may need EDI and/or web services in order to upload / download data from the IDW. For more information about the IDW, please visit the IDW info page on the IDEA website.